What are 1976 proof sets worth?
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Are proof sets worth anything

1970 Proof coins offer at least two valuable Proof variations, including a small 1970s Lincoln Proof cent that is worth about $35 today. Also in 1970, an alternative Roosevelt penny without the S appeared. The 1969 Roosevelt dime proof without the S has an entirely new value ranging from $600 in transit to $2,500 at the time of writing.

What are 1976 proof sets worth

Details in the set: 6.
Face value: $1.91.
Initial issue price: $7.00.
Circulation: 4,149,730 copies.

What is the most valuable proof set

What is the most valuable test kit you can find? Revello Supporter! Fan.
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Are proof coin sets worth anything

Do test sample kits cost everything? Proof sets issued from 1961 to 1964 are most often associated with pre-1965 proof sets, so they trade at a minimal premium to the spot value of antique silver. Deep cameos from this period are also valued, often at multiples of the prices of the corresponding standard assays.

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Are proof sets worth more than mint sets

As with silver trials, many of today’s prices are nominally the same as early 1980s levels, but are essentially 50% lower than they used to be due to inflation. The previous proof sets and coin sets weren’t much better. For example, back in 1980, you could buy a 1950 trial set for $700.

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