What is the face value of a silver Britannia?
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What is the face value of a silver Britannia

British silver coins contain one troy ounce. in silver and have a maximum value of £2. Silver Brits are also issued in half, quarter and tenth fractions associated with the troy ounce and have equivalent values ??of 50p, 1p and 20p respectively.

How much is a Britannia coin worth

The 1 ounce Britannia gold coin has a face value of £100, making it one of the coins most commonly associated with the Empire, although its real mixed value is much more expensive. Britannia is also available in half-, quarter- and tenth-ounce coins in denominations of £50, £25 and £10 respectively.

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Is Britannia silver good

Silver Britannia are the most popular silver bullion coins in the UK. They represent a very good value compared to their mass production for ingot refining, which reduces production costs. They are legal tender and any bonuses earned with them are also tax-free.

What grade is Britannia silver

British money
Since 2013, silver-gold and silver coins have been issued with a significant fineness of 0.999 (99.9% silver, a precious metal). They have a total mass of 31.21 grams and a diameter of thirty-eight 0.61 mm.

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