Is govmint legit?

Govmint, a coin company, has an average of 3.7 stars out of 5 based on 35 reviews. Some people report good customer service and are happy with their purchases, but others complain that they didn’t get what they ordered. Identity theft has also occurred, but it does not imply the mint coin provider took it.

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Is GovMint legit is a privately held company serving precious metals buyers. While the selection of beautiful silver coins or silver coins remains attractive, prices are not. Overall, GovMint maintains higher prices than some of the other competitors.

Who owns Gov Mint

For over 30 years, Bill Gale has been an internationally recognized numismatist. He is also the inventor and president of Located in downtown Minneapolis, GovMint mn,.com is one of the nation’s largest dealers in rare and collectible coins.

Is buying gold from Apmex safe

Gold and other precious materials IRAs are associated with investment and holding risks. Consumers should be wary, they may argue that individual customers can invest a lot of money in these low-risk investments. As with any investment, you can throw money into the past and performance certainly does not guarantee future performance research.

Is govmint legit

Overview of Like many companies that have official words in their names, is not a government organization or a mint. This is a sole trader trying to prove his worth and combine two words that suggest the reliability of his name.

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Is govmint a good coin store

GovMint ( is generally a well-known coin store that competes with other coin stores such as Disney, Fine Art America, The Academy, Shop, and Disney Framebridge. Based on your own detailed review of GovMint compared to its competitors, GovMint is a mid-range brand in the product category.

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Where can I find the lowest prices on govmint

Save up to 30% on other eBay items and used GovMint items. Click the button to view the current lowest prices for GovMint products. Used 38 times.

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