What are 3 things gold used for?

Wealth protection and a financial exchange. One of the oldest uses of gold is for coins, and other financial assets.
Jewellery, adornments and medals.
Space exploration.
Medicine and dentistry.

Jewellery. When most people picture gold, they envision a sparkling necklace or diamond embedded engagement ring.
Money/finance. After jewellery, the most common use for gold is in coinage. Due to its rarity gold has long been used
Investment. Gold has been a popular commodity for centuries and is viewed by investors as a safe haven and an

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What are the main uses of gold

JEWELRY. The use of gold to make jewelry dates back 6,000 years.

What are 10 uses of gold

dentistry. Due to its non-toxicity and malleability, gold has been used in dentistry for over 3,000 years.
In space.
Food and drinks.
cosmetics and beauty.
computers and equipment.
Cell phones.
make glass.

What are 3 things gold used for

Dentistry and Medicine: Gold is considered the best filling material for caries, as well as for the manufacture of crowns, bridges and other orthodontic kitchen appliances, because this metal is ductile and easy to work with.
Electronics and/or IT:
Medals and statues:

What are the most common uses of gold

Using Gold Some investment collectibles are still made from gold.
Gold is used in all kinds of jewelry.
Some silver salts are used medicinally for their anti-inflammatory properties. Modern
During peak hours, injectable gold has been shown to help reduce pain and therefore swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis and tuberculosis.
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What are 5 uses of gold

plus real and gold. A final feasibility study is currently underway, as is drilling to extend the life of the mine to at least 10 years. KGL has just announced a new record copper grade of 61.4% at our own Rockface facility, part of an overall grade of 20.50%.

What is the best use of gold

KEY RESULTS Investing in gold could be the latest exciting addition to a portfolio that includes accumulating gold coins, gold bars, precious jewelry and more.
some places also have ATMs where gold can be exchanged for cash.
You can also access gold by investing indirectly through rare metal mining or equity funds, in addition to ETFs that track the price associated with gold.

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What are the practical uses of gold

Other Uses for Gold Gold is commonly used as a colorant in cranberry extract glass, where it is known in the market to produce a very deep red color.
Gold is also crucial in the field of digital photography.
This element is also used in the creation of several artificial satellites.
Gold is also used as a heterogeneous catalyst in some chemistry journals.
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