Where is Gold Star mortgage financial group located?

From Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group “At Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, we make the home buying process simple. With our innovative technology and workflows, you’ll be certain in your decision to choose Gold Star!”

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Where is Gold Star mortgage financial group located

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Username Password Forgot your password? Forgot login? Do you remember my username? Register Third Party Withdrawal Request Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group | 100 Phoenix Drive, Sept. 300 Ann Michigan Arbor, 48108 | (855) 995-6941| NMLS No. 3446

What is your experience getting a mortgage with Goldstar

Experience terrible ownership of our mortgages with Goldstar. We ended up being displaced for 9 days and spent $25,000 in unexpected expenses. Charles Christmas and Dan Milstien (CEO) (who promised to cover our expenses but then refused. Dan lied several times and hung up. I would work with almost any company except Goldstar.

Why is Arbor Day called Arbor Day

Agriculture agreed, the board and after some discussion of the name – the event should be called “Forest Day” in reference to forest trees – Morton assured everyone that the day was meant to appreciate all the trees, but “Arboring Day” was born.

What division is Concordia University Ann Arbor

The university is a right-wing member of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association (NAIA), which primarily competes in the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) due to its football team competing in the Middle East League style. National Football Association (MSFA).

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How big of a concern is the Ann Arbor dioxane plume

1,4-Dioxane is usually a cloud moving through groundwater; Local geology has influenced the spread and rate of pollution. The Plume area includes parts associated with the township of Schio and west of Ann Arbor. This pollution is one of the reasons that wells near the area draw groundwater for domestic and commercial purposes.

What happened to the Ann Arbor News

The Ann Arbor News appears to have been replaced by the AnnArbor.com website, which contained daily news as well as being accompanied by print editions on Thursdays and Sundays. Of the 272 employees working at the time of the newspaper’s closure announcement, “more than a dozen” were hired for AnnArbor.com.

Is Ann Arbor safe

The chance of being the victim of a violent or property crime in Ann Arbor is 1 in 39. According to the FBI’s crime data, Ann Arbor is not currently among the safest cities in America. Compared to Michigan, Ann Arbor has a monthly crime rate of over 87% for all cities in the state.

Is Ann Arbor worth visiting

Arbor Ann is a great place to experience the beauty and diversity of a great college town. Many shops, restaurants, as well as natural cultural sites will not let you get bored at any time of the year. After your trip to Ann Arbor, take another trip to its underrated neighbor Detroit – Motor City has a lot to offer!

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Why is Ann Arbor so great

Arbor Ann is known for being home to “Leaders and the Best” and the University of Michigan area is in the center of our city. … If that wasn’t enough, the city has an A+ for placing public schools in niche rankings and is receiving recognition almost weekly for its education programs and leadership.

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