How does a gold refiner work?
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How does a gold refiner work

The refiner takes either a sample or the entire portion of gold and places it in a crucible with perflux (soda or borax) and gold or silver. The flux actually lowers the melting point of the gold, making the ejection process a bit easier, and so the lead helps extract a kind of pure gold from the alloy. The cleaning head heats up the sample

Why choose Midwest refineries for gold recycling

Whether it’s small batches sent to us by ordinary people, such as a range of unwanted gold jewelry or dental gold, scrap metal, large batches of enhancements from jewelers and opticians for dental labs, Midwest Refineries is the right choice to sell or recycle all gold containing precious metals. .

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Why buy gold with Rush gold

Rush Gold is the world’s first precious metal available to anyone who only uses their phone. Rush Gold makes gold as accessible and usable as cash, Rush Gold gives you the money you truly deserve. Now is the time to trade silver for gold. Having the precious metal in minutes, we talked about how easy it is to buy precious metal online.

How to get search Refiners using REST API-SharePoint

As the title suggests, this blog is about SharePoint search refiners using the REST API. I couldn’t find any examples online on how to get the refiners and what is the best way to read the JSON data from the refiner.

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How to customize search refiners in SharePoint 2010

Although site columns automatically become crawled properties, in order to use them as refiners (or scopes, etc.), they must be added as managed properties. To do this, we go to Central Administration -> Management Application -> Service Application Management -> Search Service Application -> Metadata Properties and all current managed properties that we need.

How do you add refiners to your search results in SharePoint online

The following section describes how to install purifiers on the purifier panel:

  1. Go to the new business search results page.
  2. Then click Edit Page.
  3. Edit Refinement Web Part.
  4. Click “Select Refinements”. ..
  5. Add RefinableString00 and RefinableString01.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the WebPart component properties, click OK.
  8. < /ol>

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