What can you do in factory simulator?
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Where do you get gold in factory simulator

Gold is a tier 2 ore that can be found in The Hill. (See maps for more information) More gold can be seen in a special light yellow stone in the shape of an orange cube next to the ore. Gathering gold yields 2-3 drops of ore per node.

Where is the hill in factory simulator

Considered a tier 2 and 3 biome, Hill is also one of four locations commonly found in the plains. This biome is of course also the path to the volcano, where you can find even more valuable materials to collect.

What are some codes for factory simulator

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What is the factory simulator map wiki

Our Factory Simulator wiki shows the range of resources you can grow on the map and the location of those resources on the map. We provide the fastest updates and full coverage of the new and powerful Factory Simulator Maps 2021 wiki location. Roblox: June 2021

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What can you do in factory simulator

Manage various aspects of the factory such as using brewers to cut down trees, extracting ore from mines, processing and selling assets and turning it into a profitable business. We have factory sim codes to help you get around and you can claim them for free in-game rewards.

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