Can gold and silver be stored in the same safe?
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How do you store gold and silver

Also, it may be that since the gold and silver collectibles don’t corrode, you can keep them all in an aquarium filled with water. Instead of keeping them even in water, it is recommended to store gold and silver plates in dry places such as a functional storage space, a locker and a home safe.

Can gold and silver be stored in the same safe

Do not store gold and silver together. Storing them together can damage the shipping and tarnish the metal.

What is the best way to store gold

Gold should be stored in a place protected from high humidity and changeable weather conditions. A lockable jewelry box or a brand new safe are two great investments for storing and protecting lots of small gold treasures. Safes are also a popular option for storing metals such as gold.

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How much does it cost to store gold

The structure of fees for holding gold in a depository account is similar to holding any other financial asset. Fees can vary from 1/3 1% to 1.25% depending on the person’s deposit and account value, the industry corresponding to the players.

How to safely store your gold and silver

Don’t be clear. Think about it this way: you’ve seen it on TV, so probably the bad guys too.
Layers. Thieves love to grab and go.
Use bait. A safe placed in a new, more obvious location with competitive trinkets or coins of lesser value at that ratio can trick a thief into thinking they’ve found your stash.
Don’t tell everyone.
tell anyone
Consider a quality safe.

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Where to store gold silver

Surveillance footage shows a robber writhing on a carpet at the Crown Gold Exchange in Riverside, California. He spent five minutes in the back room trying to persuade Caesar’s merchant

How to store gold silver

The less people know you’re safe, the better.
The safe is most effective when landing in the yard (ground the screws with the wall)
Be creative when hiding watches or money you no longer need.
Be aware that installing a detection system may draw attention to your home.
You get what you pay for so stay away from cheap safes

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