Is acre gold trustworthy?

From Acre “Acre is an American luxury goods brand which designs and sells precious metals.”

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Is acre gold trustworthy

He claims that it is indeed 99.9% pure gold bars. They are designed in California and minted in Switzerland. Each bar comes with a hard card certifying its authenticity, which lists the weight and authenticity of the corresponding bar by the person who evaluated it, called the validator.

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How much does an acre gold bar cost

Pay $100 per month, usually 5g acre gold bars charge until your account is renewed. We will send you any amount of gold bars every time your wallet reaches the price threshold (minus all shipping and handling fees), providing you with a balance until the next gold bar is received. There is a one-time regular membership fee of $12.

How many months does it take to get an acre gold bar

They are designed in California and made in Switzerland. Despite the fact that the price of gold is constantly changing, you usually accumulate a lot of money in your account in order to receive your first bar in three months.

How much is a 2.5 G acre gold bar worth

Acre Gold (2.5g) – $226.62 Buy Now.

Is acre gold a legit company

The Better Business Bureau warns that Acre Gold does not accept the BBB addition, that the company is a subscription company of sorts that places a 2.5W gold bar on top of your monthly subscription cost corresponding to that seller’s current price. What is the monetary value of gold?

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Does acre gold’s offer free returns&exchanges

We don’t have enough data at this time, as Gold’s Acre offers free returns and exchanges, to be able to compare using this feature. Click to see more terms. We are still reviewing the data for Absolute Numbers offer on international shipping and shipping regulations.

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