How do I share my MIT App Inventor app?
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How do I test my app on MIT App Inventor

On your gadget, launch an instance of MIT App Companion like you would any other application. Then click the “Scan QR Code” button in Companion, find the code in the App Inventor window: in a few seconds, you should see users building the app on a real device.

How do you make a game app on MIT App Inventor

Let’s start with the pickup! Click “Create Apps!” link to the menu bar at the top of the MIT App Inventor Hour of Code page. You can continue with the account, owner, and get a return code to return to the site if you wish. Or you can sign up if you have a very Google account.

Do you need to install the MIT App Inventor app on your Android device to use AI companion

You should be ready to install the MIT App Inventor companion app on anyone’s iOS or Android device. Unfortunately, if your company does not have a smartphone tablet, you will need to install software on your computer in order to use the Android screen emulator.

How do I run MIT App Inventor app

App Inventor provides an Android emulator that works like Android but appears on the screen of your electronic device… Install and run the emulator in AI2.

  1. Install the Inventor installer.
  2. Run aiStarter (Windows and GNU/Linux only).
  3. Open the Inventor app and project and merge them with the emulator.

Is the MIT App Inventor available on the App Store

The MIT Inventor app for iOS on the App Store. The App the Inventor team is very pleased to announce that the MIT App Inventor Sweetheart for iOS is now available primarily on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac. With over 66,000 lines of code, this required a lot of effort on the part of the team. After

How do I share my MIT App Inventor app

To find a project, go to the “My Projects” page, select the project, but select “Actions” more | download source. This will create a zip music file that you can share with others. To upload a project, go to My Projects, select More Actions | Download the source code and select the database .zip file you previously downloaded from App Inventor.

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How do I use MIT App Inventor app

First go to the Inventor app and open a house (or create a new one – use Project > Start New Project and give your project this name). From there, following the App Inventor recipe (in the App Inventor cloud software here at, go to Connect Menu and select the Emulator option.

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