What color is French silver?
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What color is French silver

The hex color code #b8bcbe is a fabulous mid-light shade of blue. The RGB color model #b8bcbe can contain 72.16% red, 73.73% yellow and 74.51% blue.

What is the most popular Behr gray

Fin for dolphin Behr 790C-3. Dolphin Fin – a slightly sizzling warm gray – not traditionally warm, it looks gray, but definitely not cold.
Silver drop Behr 790C-2.
Ber Foggy Coast PPU25-13.
Bear Silver City MQ2-59.
Bear Sterling 780E-30.
Ber Eon N370-2.

Is Behr Silver Drop warm or cool

Silver Drop is a completely light grey, very grey, with a nice warm undertone. It looks almost white but goes well with everything, including white. It goes well with many other wall colors.

Is Behr silver drop a greige

Because this color scheme is so pale, its beige-grey facets are never overwhelming, but rather warm and creamy (wonderful). So, although yellow is on the list of the most famous shades of Behr Silver Drop, you would never think of this shade of “yellow”.

What Behr color is similar to Silver Strand

What is this analogue of Behr Silver Strand Paint? No Behr color is exactly the same, but Home Depot has the same basic formula for SWSS that many people agree on exactly. Just ask them to find Sherwin Williams Strand Silver.

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What color is Behr silver drop

Silver Drop is a very pretty gray with warm undertones. It appears almost white but looks good when all white is used. It goes well with many other candy colors.

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What color is Behr Silver Feather

Behr Silver Feather BWC-29 #dbdcd5 / hex color code. The hexadecimal color code #dbdcd5 is a light shade of yellow-green. In our own RGB color model, #dbdcd5 is simply 85.88% red, 86.27% yellow, and 83.53% blue.

What Behr color is similar to light French gray Sherwin Williams

Behr Dolphin Fin EVERY 790c-3 Gray has good undertones, and while Dolphin Fin is a complete exception, its hues are rather indirect and reminiscent of Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, another trendy warm gray.

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