What are examples of metallic minerals?

It is used in making machine parts, electronic components, electrical wires etc.
Coins and jewellery are also made using copper.
Plant diseases can also be treated using copper compounds.

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What are some examples of metallic minerals

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What are the names of some metallic minerals

Varieties not suitable for the species: campylite (a type of mimetite)
Carnelian (a kind of quartz)
Cementite (synthetic coenite)
Ceylonite (a kind of spinel)
Chalcedony (cryptocrystalline combination of quartz and moganite)
Chiastolite Frome (a variety of andalusite)
Chlorastrolite (a type of pumpellyite (Mg))
Chrysoprase (green nickel-plated chalcedony)
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What are the examples of metallic elements

This includes all semimetals: boron

What are some examples of metallic minerals

What metallic minerals provide an example? Iron, copper, gold, silver, etc. should be common metal minerals. In the inorganic chemical formula, non-metallic minerals certainly do not contain metallic elements.

What are 10 metallic minerals

Details 10 silver metal minerals, can be chromium, tin, nickel, copper, iron, lead, aluminum, gold and zinc.

What are 5 uses of minerals

iron (like steel) in their framework of the great building,
clay tiles and tiles,
slate for lap tiles,
slate and gypsum in cement,
plaster plaster work,
quartz sand in window glass,

What are the important uses of metallic and nonmetallic minerals

They are used here in various industries to make some form of product, eg. Mica is produced in the electrical industry, limestone is the old cement in industry. They are also commonly used in the manufacture of fertilizers and the manufacture of refractory materials.

What are examples of metallic minerals

Iron, aluminium, gold, silver ores are probably examples of metallic minerals. Diamond, plate, Kali, etc.

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What are metallic minerals examples

Note. Some very common metallic minerals are iron, copper, silver, etc. Non-metallic rocks contain metal atoms throughout their inorganic chemical formula. Some common experiments are clay, diamond, dolomite, gypsum, mica, methyst, quartz, etc.

How does the metallic and non-metallic character change along the period and down the group give suitable example in each

The electrons to be obtained increase as they move over a period of time as the charge of the nucleus builds up and the size of the atom decreases. Therefore, the overall non-metallic character increases with time. As we go down the group, the non-metallic character decreases due to the actual increase in core size.

What are minerals on what basis can the minerals be identified give examples

Minerals are natural chemical compounds that are almost certainly homogeneous and give structure to a composition. They became distant stones or minerals. They are identified by our own color bases, their hardness and then their brilliance, such as iron, silver, etc.

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Why metallic oxides are basic and non metallic oxides are acidic

Non-metal oxides are acidic in nature. When a particular non-metal reacts with oxygen, it results in noble metal oxides other than silver. Typically, non-metal oxides are acidic in nature. After all, after their reaction with water, they lead to the formation of this acidic solution.

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