Can I pay my rent with domuso?
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How do you pay with Domuso

Domuso allows you to aggregate payments by debit card, credit card, eCheck/ACH (Domuso bank account), ONLINE CERTIFIED or sometimes MoneyGram. Payments can be made 24/7 from both desktop and mobile devices. Can we accept all major Visa/MasterCard/Discover cards (debit, credit, prepaid)?

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What is Domuso app

Domuso concludes paid rental agreements online using simple multi-payment equipment from any mobile device.

Does Domuso have an app

Try our new mobile app! Pay your rent wherever you are and enjoy all the features of Domuso on any mobile device.

What is Domuso installment

(i) Domuso Payments is a payment facilitation service offered on all Platforms that allows tenants to pay monthly rent, fees, security deposits, commissions and other forms of payments in order to be the true owners of a partner property (“Lease Payments”) credit card, debit card, eCheck/ACH, third party cash

Can I pay my rent with domuso

I can only pay rent through Domuso. Except they won’t accept my check, which means I now have to pay a 3.25% fee. Which will be about 35 dollars. Instead of a flat fee of $3.99, I could pay at my bank.

How do I contact domuso

Please note that this contact form is for general sales and business inquiries only. Property manager: +1 424 272 1562 Borrower: +1 844 228 4811 General information: [email protected] Support: [email protected] Sales: [email protected]

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What is (I) domuso move-in financing

(i) Domuso move-in finance is a closed loan product with monthly repayment terms of 3 to 12 weeks, offered through the Domuso technology platform for tenants, to make their move-in rental payments (including rent advances, guarantees), deposits and/or surcharges to fees) for partner property (“funding fees”).

Why choose domuso for your maintenance requests

A hassle-free experience is highly valued when residents include it in maintenance requests. Domuso’s online repair requests can help you get them and collect and evaluate reviews. Is there a chargeback risk? Is the property liable for a forfeiture refund (NSF)?

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