What is the initial temperature of iron and gold?

Question Transcribed Image Text: Determine the final temperature of a gold nugget (mass = 376 g) that starts at 288 K and loses 4.85 kJ of heat to a snowbank when it is lost. The specific heat capacity of gold is 0.128 J/g°C. * 289 K O 288 K O 377 K O 187 K 133 K

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What is the heat absorbed by a 4G nugget of gold

A nugget of pure precious metal weighing 4.50 g absorbed 276 J of heat. If the initial temperature was 25.00 °C, what was the final temperature of the gold? The specific heat capacity is only 0.129 J/g°C. 5DD.

How do you find the specific heat of gold

(The heat capacity of gold 0 is 0.128 J/g °C.) Solution: 1) Usually stated: qwater = qor (10.0) (59.0 ? x) (4.184) implies (3.00) ( x ? 15.2 ) (0.2) 128 ) Algebra: 2468.56? Does 41.84x mean 0.384x? 5.8368 x 42.224 means 2474.3968 x fifty-eight = 0.6°C. Note that in our case the water is cooling and the gold is heating up.

What is the initial temperature of iron and gold

Wrought iron coin (C=0.449 J/g°C) and gold coin (C=0.128 J/g°C) have the same public. If iron has an initial temperature of 498 K and gold has an initial temperature of 298 K, which of the following statements is true when two metals come into contact?

What is the final formula for final temperature

T final T \u003d initial +? T. Final T = 10°C + 20°C.

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How do you find the final temperature of a mixture

Calculate the final temperature of the river mixture using the equation T(final) equals (m1_T1 + m2_T2) / (m1 + m2), where m1 and m2 are the weights of water from the first and second tanks, T1 is the good water temperature in the first tank, and T2 is the temperature sea ??water in the second tank.

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Why is the nugget couch called a nugget

It turns out that when a sofa is associated with a toy, people notice it. Why CNBC named the Nugget one of the hottest kids gifts of 2019 and why Curbed said it was “made for the playroom.” That’s a bit helpful P-arrrgh!

Why is a chicken nugget called a nugget

Story. In fact, chicken nuggets were invented and published as an unpatented scientific work in the 1950s by Robert S. Baker, a professor of food science at Cornell University. This bite-sized chicken, battered and then fried, was dubbed “crispy chicken” by Baker and colleagues.

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