What is FUD in crypto slang?

Airdrop. Airdrop is a method for distributing cryptocurrencies to many people at the same time.
Altcoin. Altcoins—alternative coins—generally refers to cryptocurrency coins and tokens that aren’t Bitcoin.
Bag and Bag Holder.

FOMO. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” FOMO happens across all parts of life.
Pump and Dump.

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Why is it important to understand crypto slang

Like any existing community, it has also developed its own slang terminology, memes and continues. Not only will understanding most of the terms help you better understand the discussions of Crypto on social media, some of these terms contain a “folk wisdom” style that can alert you to both common misconceptions and practices in the Crypto investment space.

Is the cryptocurrency world full of slang and memes

But like any area that has emerged in cyberspace, the world of cryptocurrencies is rife with slang and memes that can often confuse and turn off outsiders.

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What does it mean to short crypto

Definitely one of the most common crypto terms. This means selling your valuable position in the hope that the entire cryptocurrency will immediately drop in value. This opens up the possibility of repurchasing later in order to profit from it. Short is usually the more advanced strategy.

Where can I find the terms in the cryptocurrency glossary

Advertiser Disclosure From Bitcoin to Shitcoin, terms you’ll encounter along the way in your cryptocurrency career can be found in A-to-z Finder: Cryptocurrency Glossary. Disclaimer: This information is not a financial decision or endorsement of cryptocurrency and comes from any particular provider, service or bragging rights.

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What does crypto mean in slang

1: Any person who belongs or secretly belongs to a party, sect or opposition group.

What are some words for crypto

altcoin. An altcoin is a coin, it is definitely not a bitcoin.
Bitcoin. The first and most valuable cryptocurrency Ian helped launch.
cash. A peer-to-peer electronic capital system that emerged from a derivative of the original bitcoin.
Block chain.
Piece of money.
currency background.
Cold wallet/cold room.

What is FUD in crypto slang

Since crypto trading is still largely driven by emotion and more so by valuation, FOMO is a serious calculation to consider when trading cryptocurrency swings. FOOD. Abbreviation for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. A commonly used form that refers to “xxx distributes FUD again”.

What is LFG in crypto

LFG – “Let’s go!” (with a nice swear in the middle). The usual call for cryptocurrency. Coincidentally, these are also the initials of the Luna Foundation Guard, the circle of investors behind the controversial TerraUSD stablecoin.

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