Which gold refinery is best?
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What is LBMA Good Delivery

Good Delivery Lists are lists of gold and silver refiners who are generally accredited by the LBMA to produce gold and silver bars in the London market without a doubt. Refineries must produce crushed stone that meets high standards of cleanliness, quality, and overall appearance.

Which gold refinery is best

PAMP, Switzerland.
Valcambi, Switzerland.
Argor Hereus, Switzerland.
Metallor Technologies, Switzerland.
Hereus, Germany.
Tanaka, Japan.
Rand refinery, South Africa.

Is Nadir silver good

Nadir Metal Refinery – (Nadir) one of the most trusted and popular brands in LBMA refinery world with good delivery to Turkey. Turkey, headquartered in Istanbul, is considered by Pretty to be one of the most reliable precious metals processors abroad.

Is Royal Mint LBMA approved

The Royal Mint produces high quality gold and silver, approved by the LBMA for the finest 916.7 gold (22 carats).

What exactly is delivery on COMEX

For many years, “delivery” on COMEX consisted only of paper exchanges. The trustee issues the money orders and receipts, the vault and the other bank make the “delivery”. Two months later, the bank that shelled the “delivery” problems bought back some of the warrants associated with the same warrants, and another large bank takes delivery.

What are the requirements for good delivery on COMEX

In addition, he must consciously inform the head of the exchange about his motives. You must create or receive all relevant checks in the store. Metals that are considered “good delivery” at the time of sale must have a certificate of analysis from an authorized COMEX examiner.

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Will July be the biggest delivery month for Comex silver

May has been every month for COMEX silver shipments, and even the total number of contracts delivered reached 9,044. While this record isn’t really new, it’s still roughly double the historical average. And from that day the next delivery month, July, began, and it looks like it will be unsuccessful.

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What is the difference between Comex Good Delivery and LBMA Good Delivery

Comex Good Standard shipping is generally excellent, but LBMA Good Standard shipping is even stricter. It is the most important and respected global quality standard. To be included on one of our LBMA good delivery lists, the actual finisher must:

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