Should you buy physical platinum or sell it?
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Can I buy a piece of platinum

Platinum bars and moreover coins are easy to buy, sell and hold and are traded everywhere making them an asset that is definitely not tied to or dependent on any government or country. A standard platinum bar, also known as a platinum bar, has a purity of ten troy ounces.

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Is physical platinum a good investment

That being said, when the economy is definitely on the rise and industrial and consumer prices are rising, platinum can be an amazing short-term investment that delivers much higher vital returns than gold.

What is the best way to buy platinum

To increase exposure to the metal, investors can purchase platinum bars or coins, platinum eagle futures, or US mining stocks. Another option is an all-platinum exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Should you buy physical platinum or sell it

But there is almost certainly another way to buy platinum traditionally – a way to avoid high premiums, get full market respect when selling, and get the best price up to a fraction of a dollar in the retail market. Professional traders cannot handle large spreads, VAT, storage issues and then insurance costs or no redemption offers.

What are the best physical platinum investment options

There are many different options out there, but SD Bullion now offers the best options for investing in physical platinum. Our platinum nuggets were minted by the renowned Pamp Mint in Switzerland. We offer 1 ounce bars as well as 1 gram bars to make it easier for new investors to invest while increasing their wealth.

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What is the best way to buy platinum

Platinum bars were the easiest way to buy platinum. Sizes such as 1 ounce platinum bars, 1 gram platinum bars and sometimes 10 ounce platinum bars make it easy to invest in a product for any budget. 10 ounce bars are usually easier to store because they can be neatly stacked on top of each other.

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