How much is my gold worth?

The team at My Gold are most friendly, extremely professional and reassuring to deal with, they are my “go to” supplier every time. Randall M. via Google 9 months ago I found My Gold to be helpful, prompt, and efficient. If buying gold /silver I would recommend.

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Is my gold a good company to buy gold from

I found gold useful, fast and cheap. I would support buying gold/silver. From the first call to making sure your money shows up in our information, 3 days. And that’s using the messenger service.

What should I look for when buying gold

Risk Warnings: Buying investments involves risk. A good gold trader will be very open about the potential risks involved in actually investing in precious metals, so look for a disclosure blog that tells you the facts. Payment Methods: Make sure the buyer accepts your preferred payment method.

How much is my gold worth

However, the best way to find out how much your money is worth is to get quotes for the destinations you want to sell to. Calculators are good for rough transfers at best. You often fail to enter your item’s condition data to turn these online calculators into gold.

Is it easier to buy physical gold now

In fact, with the advent of online gold merchants, it has never been easier to pay for high quality physical gold and have it delivered to your doorstep or stored in secure storage.

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Is selling your gold worth it

Here’s a quick overview of the earnings you can see in the Kiplinger market, according to Bob von Frick: “If you’re selling steel coins or bars, be prepared to get at least 90-95% current market relevance. But with gold jewelry, you can only get a 70-80% discount on the cost of melting.

Where can I sell my gold for the most money

Cash for US Gold. Cash at Gold USA is one of the oldest online gold buyers in the US.
Freedom of gold and silver.
Express gold money.
Local dealers in precious metals.

What is a fair price for selling gold jewelry

Smith, former international president of the American Society of Appraisers, said some companies that offer signs to buy the precious metal only pay 40, giving them 45% of the value. The pawnshop can only pay 20%. What is a good fair value? Consumers should be able to successfully sell to someone who pays 65 to 88 percent of the actual cost of the product, Smith said.

How much can I get for my gold

Pure gold is currently worth around $1,250 an ounce. Mathematically, this means that 10 carat gold will be salvaged at about $16.35 per gram. And 18 carat gold will cost $23.50 per gram.

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