Who owns BullionStar?

From BullionStar “BullionStar is the leading bullion dealer in Southeast Asia, combining a modern e-commerce trading and storage platform with a physical Bullion Center, integrating a shop, showroom, vault and safe deposit facility in one and the same location – a… More

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Who owns BullionStar

BullionStar co-founder Mr. Torgni Persson opened his first Edelmetall Liberty Silver AB dealer in Sweden in 2008. Silver Liberty AB, still chaired by Mr. Persson Torgny, has grown significantly since its inception and is today the largest bullion dealer in Sweden.

Is gold bar a good investment

What makes Goldenrods a good investment opportunity? Goldenrods are a lucrative idea for those who have money to invest and want to invest in their own form that not only provides lasting benefits but is also easy to liquidate. Basic expenses in gold: Minor expenses.

Is it good to buy gold in Singapore

tl; DR: How to invest in gold in Singapore
Gold is considered to be your safest investment. This metal is undoubtedly popular with investors as it can act as a hedge against inflation and turmoil. It is also part of any well diversified portfolio.

What is bullionstar and how does it work

With Bullionstar, a person can create an account, transfer spending to it, and use the transferred income to buy gold, silver, or platinum items. In addition, you can keep it for a certain period of time and resell it at any time, or you can send it to customers. Keep in mind that there is always a small charge for storing metal in storage, depending on the weight of your metal.

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Is bullionstar at the Financial Center in Singapore

As you can see, I live in Singapore and Bullionstar’s office is about a mile from where they work. No, they no longer went to the financial center, but went to 45 Bridge New Road Singapore 059398. The new premises used to be a retail branch of a local bank, and they converted the bank vault into a bullion vault.

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How do I make a complaint about bullionstar

Bullion.Directory recommends that you direct your first instance complaints to BullionStar at +65 6284 4653 or by email using the dedicated contact form. If you do business with bullionstar, please indicate that you viewed it in Bullion.Directory.

How to store silver coins in bullionstar

For investors who have a large supply of silver coins, BullionStar also offers a set of empty monster boxes that can hold from 25 tubes of American Silver Eagles to 20 tubes of Canadian Silver Maple Leaves. Capsules are also available to store Oz 1 silver bars. These gold and silver bar capsules are sealed and extra clear.

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