What is brushed brass finish?
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What is brushed brass finish

Brushed brass is brass that has been treated to give it a more matte finish compared to traditional polished brass. Brushed metal is durable and leaves less fingerprints than other finishes, giving it a modern, elegant look.

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What is the difference between satin brass and brushed brass

Silky brass is often used interchangeably with brushed metal (the finish is similar, but brush marks are more visible on brushed metal). It doesn’t show fingerprints or water stains, it’s tarnish resistant, warm and durable without being flashy.

What does brushed brass look like

Cleaned brass composition:
These marks, smeared with brass, are thousands of very small grooves, almost the same as the grooves that make up your fingerprints. The edges of brushed brass have a fine texture that some people prefer to be smooth over brushed brass.

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What’s the difference between brushed brass and polished brass

In addition to the difference in luster, brushed brass differs from polished metal in its texture. These broom marks on the brass are tiny, thousands of dollars worth of striations, much the same as the striations that make up individual fingerprints.

Is brushed brass the same as satin brass

Satin brass is often used interchangeably with brass plating (finishes are similar but satin brass has more visible markings), satin brass has a torn matte finish that is subtle but bright. There are no fingerprints or footprints on it, the water is cloudy, very warm and shiny, but not flashy.

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