Is Brinks Home Security reliable?

A lot of recent Brinks Home reviews are positive, especially regarding the reps who help users install and troubleshoot their systems. But there are plenty of negative reviews in the mix too. Many negative reviews suggest that Brinks Home has some communication issues with its customers, possibly because the company seems to be involved in more takeover of other security companies than typical.

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Is Brinks Home Security reliable

Brinks Home is ranked tenth in our Best Home Security Systems 2022 rankings and third best professionally installed home security systems.

What is better Brinks or ADT

Our opinion based on our testing is that ADT is better than Brinks. It includes professional 24/7 monitoring of all existing systems, while Brinks only offers a self-monitoring approach. Similarly, Brinks, although professionally installed, is handmade. ADT is also easier to use – remotely via iOS and Android apps.

How much is Brinks monthly fee

Brinks price ranges from $39.99 to $49.99 per month depending on the plan you choose. Is Brinks Better Than ADT? Brinks is absolutely no better than ADT, although a little cheaper. ADT has a professional install instead of a do-it-yourself install and works with Alexa, Liftmaster, Kwikset, while Brinks only works with Google Assistant during Z-Wave.

How long is a Brinks contract

Brinks requires a 36-month contract when subscribing to all home security services. The only exception is if you plan to add Brink Professional Surveillance to your Nest Aware security system. Nest Surveillance Brinks is distributed monthly.

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Is Brinks a good company

Brinks has been involved in internet security for 150 years and still works hard with cutting edge technology and lightning fast response times. copied! This ranking is based on our editorial research, field testing and customer surveys.

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Why leave a review for Brinks Home

John, thanks for taking the time to review your recent installation. This is exactly the experience we strive to provide to our clients. Thank you for joining the Brinks Home family! user We hope to keep our customers safe for years to come. — Hector S.

What kind of warranty does Brinks offer for its hardware

All hardware purchased from Brinks comes with a small two-year warranty. We would like to see a real minimum 3 year warranty combined with a paid term, but 2 years is a better deal than some other security companies. The Brink offer does not come with an extended warranty, which we would also like to consider.

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