Where is the real gold in Money Heist?

The “ Croydon Aerodrome Gold Robbery “, also known as the “ Imperial Airways Gold Heist ” was the theft of just over 20kg of gold bullion, made up of gold bars, gold Sovereigns and gold American Eagles from South London’s Croydon Aerodrome (Croydon Airport) on the 6th of March, 1935.

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Where is the real gold in Money Heist

In the end, the authorities are clearly on the bench. “The team wears and wears real gold after. That’s why they’re carrying Rafael’s apartment. “He stole the real gold and now the real gold is in/underneath the house.”

Who got the gold in Money Heist

Rafael (Patrick Criado), the typical professor’s nephew, has stolen a precious metal, a secret that will surely try to kill them all. In the end, Money Heist has outdone itself as the exact result is a strategy to trick the Spanish government into taking on the scam. The professor still returns the gold – but only their gold brass.

Does The Professor get the gold back from Tatiana

ending explained. Yes, professor. Or maybe Team Heist will eventually win Raphael’s gold.

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How much is a ton of gold worth in Money Heist

This incredible amount of cash was also calculated by Money Heist fans on a subreddit of the main show, where it was calculated based on the realization that a ton of gold is worth about $50,500. Did the professor find the ingot? Yes, for this purpose, the professor and his heist team receive the gold defeated by Rafael.

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What is the message of Money Heist

Unlike typical heist stories, The Heist Money features a ragtag team of people with different motives and morals. The show presents not only harrowing individual cases, but also explicit critiques of the relevant socio-economic and political conflicts.

How hard is it to pull off a gold heist

Breaking an antique watch is not as easy as it seems. We’re counting down the 20 biggest gold heists in history, what happened when you got the money, and where the thieves are right away.

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