Why bold leads?
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What is the phone number for bold leads sales

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Why bold leads

Why? Bold Leads Paul (Salesperson) Bold Leads promises to bring you leads, but only you bring in people who want a free home appraisal. Then when they ask to go through the written support process and talk to help you cancel their seller, they don’t cancel by illegally deducting more than $500 from your bank account.

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What’s your review of bold leads stink

“Brave leads stink.” Do what you love the most? The platform still didn’t work. He reports a drop in voice mail. You…may never get the job done. The clients are inexperienced and only throw hoops. What don’t you want? – The system is expensive, fails to generate the quality leads claimed by the app, and functionality is attacked and missed.

Where does BoldLeads get their leads

BoldLeads marketers work on your behalf, advertising in the places Facebook and Google want and offering what your favorite potential clients want – usually a free real estate appraisal (for sellers) and it can be a specialized listing of real estate for sale (for example, buyers).

Are BoldLeads free

Bold leads can quickly become expensive.
It’s a true subscription program, so you pay yourself $269 a month, plus even more for advertising and marketing campaigns.

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How much does BoldLeads cost per month

BoldLeads pricing starts at $399 per month plus an absolute minimum ad spend of $250. Like market leaders, BoldLeads generates leads by also placing ads on platforms like Facebook and Google to create custom landing pages for competitors.

How much does it cost BoldLeads

BoldLeads costs $269 per month, plus an additional $250 per month for leads or sellers. These prices are typical for a 12 month contract paid on an annual basis. You can also get paid monthly or every six months for an incredible extra month to month.

How do I remove bad reviews from BBB

The only way to remove almost all negative customer reviews from your BBB profile is to ask them to remove their review. They will then likely need to use the same email address they used to submit the review and the BBB email wanting to know that their review has been literally deleted.

How long do BBB reviews last

Companies that don’t need to respond and/or test all of their customer reviews. Question. How long does a customer policy remain in BBB’s business profile? A: Three years. These are the standard time frames for BBB credit reports.

Are BBB reviews fake

Are the BBB ratings reliable? A 2015 CNNMoney investigative report found that over 100 companies have never been more credible than their A- or higher BBB stories causing these people to show up. … More tellingly, the report showed that formal complaints to the BBB had little to no effect on the accredited body’s rating.

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