Which is the largest gold producing country in the world?

China. Mine production: 370 MT.
Australia. Mine production: 330 MT.
Russia. Mine production: 300 MT.
United States. Mine production: 180 MT.
Canada. Mine production: 170 MT.
Ghana. Mine production: 130 MT each.
Mexico, South Africa and Uzbekistan.
Indonesia, Peru and Sudan.

China – 383.2 tonnes. For many years, China has been the top producing nation, accounting for 11 percent of global mine production.
Russia – 329.5 tonnes. A massive 83 percent of European gold comes from Russia, which has been increasing its production every year since 2010.
Australia – 325.1 tonnes.
United States – 200.2 tonnes.
Canada – 182.9 tonnes.

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Which is the largest gold producing country in the world

Gold production in the ranking of leading countries in 2021
China is the largest gold mining organization in the world.

What are the top 5 countries that produce gold

China – 368.3 tons.
Russia – 331.1 tons.
Australia – 327.8 tons.
USA – 190.2 tons.
Canada – 170.6 lots.
Ghana – 138.7 tons.
Brazil – 107.0 tons.
Uzbekistan – 101.6 charges.

What countries produce the most gold

China – 426 tons. China has ranked first in recent years.
Australia – 295.1 significant numbers. Last year, production increased by five tons, but it is not good to make long-term forecasts.
Russia – 270.7 tons.
USA – 230.0 tons.
Canada – 175.8 tons.
Peru – 162.3 huge numbers.
Indonesia – 154.3 tons.
South Africa – 139.9 tons
Mexico – 130.5 per ton.
Ghana – 101.7 tons.

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Which country is the biggest gold producer in the world

The largest gold mining country. China has been the world’s largest gold producer for many years, accounting for 11% of the global market. It is followed by Australia (in second place) and Russia.

What state has the most gold production

Nevada. Currently, Nevada is the state with the most miners in the United States, with three of the top 10 gold mines in the world and 10 of the top 10 gold mines in the US.
Alaska. The regions of Juneau, Nome, and therefore Fairbanks account for the bulk of Alaska’s gold production.

Which countries are old world producing wine countries

Some of the United States of the Old World: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Hungary and Switzerland.

Is the Scottish gold mine producing gold

The Cononish gold and silver mine is expected to produce 23,370 GE ounces in its launch year in February 2020.

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