What is the return on gold over the last 10 years?

Gold GC00, +0.72% was the asset class that performed best, producing an 8.8% annualized return over the past 20 years.

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What is the average returns of gold in long term

In the long term, we see post-gold returns in the 5-12% range. Much more than in the short term, it will only be speculation. .Reply R> Chandrasekaran says: January at 10:27 am Dear Manish, This is amazing!

What is the 40-year change in Gold’s returns

Gold returns over 40 years (+180% gross since 1980 peak) lag behind growth in cost of living (235%) and all non-base asset classes (32%); US stocks have been our best investment since 1980 (7880% of total earnings before expenses), but REITs have vied for 747% since the turn of the century since the end of 1999;

Will gold have negative returns in the next decade

I’ve carefully broken down returns over different time frames to give people an idea of ??how gold has fared in recent decades in different decades: there’s still plenty of time for the current decade, but if things continue as they are, if that’s how it’s been in recent several years, I would say in the last few years, it is quite possible that this gold has a negative real value for three out of five decades.

How much will gold be worth in 10 years

$5,000 an ounce in ten months or even years. If the US dollar collapses and/or the US loses the main petrodollar, gold could reach these levels too soon. This is another reason than a financial guarantee.

What’s the average return on gold

Average annual return on all gold and other assets in the world, 1971–2019 Between January 1971 and December 2019, the average annual return was rarely 10.61%, only partly behind commodity returns, while the average annual return was 10.69%.

What is the return on gold over the last 10 years

In June 2019, the 10-year average return on US stocks was 12.21%, while gold returned only 3.71%.

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What is average return of gold in India

For the year, the yield excluding gold is even negative and amounts to -4.3%. Many commentators believe that gold is a long-term hedge against inflation. But that’s probably just the truth. Gold returns in rupees over the past 15, 29 and 25 years at 11.6%, 12.4% and 9.4% CAGR respectively.

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