Does Apmex sell fake silver?

APMEX is a a scam and fraud and must be avoided and investigated. If you are a victim pls contact us and we can start a class action lawsuit against APMEX. This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 12/08/2021 10:46 AM and is a permanent record located here:

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Is APMEX a trustworthy company

Apmex received a 3.44 rating from Moon 25 consumers, indicating that most men and women are generally satisfied with their orders. APMEX is ranked 16th among gold internet sites.

Who is APMEX owned by

Scott Thomas

Does APMEX report to IRS

Do you report my purchase of precious metals to the IRS? APMEX is not required to conduct our sales transactions with the IRS or any other state with local authorities unless they are subject to the Form 8300 requirement.

Is APMEX a good place to buy Gold

Since its founding in 2000, the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) has grown into a global trading center for precious metals. It is amazing that they have the largest selection of precious metal commodities making them our choice as gold dealers due to the best performing offer.

Is Apmex a good company

Excellent rating. Based on various reputable sources including BBB, BCA and TrustLink, apmex has an outstanding and amazing rating. In fact, the small business is rated A+ on the BBB, AAA on the BCA, 5 and stars on TrustLink.

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Can you trust Apmex

They are one of the largest (billions of dollars) and most respected names in the industry with over 110 employees. We have made sure that they are certainly factual, reputable and businesslike and have a fantastic overall reputation. APMEX is definitely NOT a scam.

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Does Apmex sell fake silver

We send fakes exactly where they really should be. KNOW YOUR SELLER. With Investors apmex, you can be sure that these companies get what they pay for, which is why we’ve done everything to protect you and your investment.

Is Apmex a reputable company

Excellent rating. Based on various reputable sources, including my BCA bbb and TrustLink, APMEX certainly has an outstanding rating. In fact, every company has been rated A+ on the BBB, AAA on the BCA, 5 and Heaven on TrustLink.

Does APMEX sell fake coins

This is an issue that many people at APMEX take very seriously. While the problem of fakes is generally real, it is not new. Counterfeit coins and bars were removed from the body for more than a decade.

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