Where can I rent a car at Nashville airport?
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Where can I rent a car at Nashville airport

There are 9 charter companies at Nashville Airport. Rental from a Hertz supplier such as National, Budget and Enterprise in the name of your choice. With about half a dozen fantastic options for everyone, you can be sure to get the specific car and price everyone wants.

What are the reviews of Advantage Rent a car

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How far is the Nashville airport from downtown Nashville

Nashville Arrivals All air passengers arrive at Nashville International Airport (BNA), which is approximately 20 minutes from downtown Nashville and 15 minutes from Opryland. If you’re going to downtown Nashville or Opryland, a taxi from the airport costs $25, each charging $1 for each additional small passenger.

How much is an uber from Nashville airport to downtown Nashville

A ride from downtown Nashville to the airport now costs $16 with Uber, compared to about $24 for a regular taxi.

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Was Nashville filmed in Nashville

Nashville was recorded on location and on stage in Nashville. The Blue Bird Cafe, a great local fantasy spot, is a casual setting; The show’s art department, led by production designer Jeff Nipp, recreated the exterior and interior of the show on the sound stage in Nashville.

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Was a Nashville Christmas Carol filmed in Nashville

Nashville Christmas Carol Location As every title suggests, parts of this image were actually filmed in Nashville, specifically the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum.

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