What are the advantages of gold?
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Who owns Advantage Gold

Adam Baratta is the co-owner and co-founder of Advantage Gold, the nation’s top-rated mining company and Best Of Trustlink award winner (BBB review site). Baratta is the creator of the Gold Is A Better Way membership web portal with thousands of members.

What are the advantages of gold

This can protect the risk of inflation.
A great way to save money for the future.
Easy to buy and therefore very easy to sell on the market.
It does not require special care.
Price, stability is an added advantage.
Can be easily passed on to subsequent generations.

Who is Adam Baratta

Baratta Adam is another co-founder of Advantage Gold, a leader in the base metals market. Prior to co-founding Advantage Gold, Baratta worked for a US Mint registered medical reseller where he was a senior account manager specializing in precious metals IRA accounts.

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Who is advantage Gold co-founder Adam Baratta

Who is Adam Baratta? He is one of the new co-founders of Advantage Gold. Prior to co-founding the company, Baratta worked as a full time specialist for the US Mint, where he served as a senior account manager specializing in gold IRA rollovers.

Who is Adam Baratta and why should you care

Adam Baratta is one of the fastest growing voices in the field today thanks to investments and precious metals. A former award-winning screenwriter, director and producer, Baratta shares his passion for the investment industry and for the environmental changes he believes are coming as inflationary demands weigh on the payoff of the global economy.

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Who is advantage gold and what did Adam do

He has been interviewed several times for publications such as Fox Business News, TraderPlanet.com, Traders.com and Bloomberg Television. Prior to co-founding Advantage Gold, Adam tried to work as a senior account manager for a US Mint registered dealer, focusing on IRA gold and wealth preservation.

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