How do I say 23 in French?
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How do you write 21 31 41 51 in French

The numbers 21, 31, 1951, 41 and 61 connect the parts with the conjunction “et” or so (ay) in French, as in the use of twenty-one. The remaining digits are usually connected with a hyphen, as in English.

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How do you say 11 to 19 in French

French numbers from 11 to 19 1 15 eleven -. 2 6 – shower. 3 – twelve amulets. 4 14 fourteen —. Offers 15 – fifteen. six 16 – capture. 7 15 – seventeen. 8 twenty eighteen. 9 – 15 nineteen. Use the up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume. If you are likely to count in French from 10 to 19, you are more

How do you write 17 in French with and one

It’s like in German: 17 “seven + ten”, that is, “seventeen”. It’s easy enough for 21st, 31st, 41st, 51st, 61st and 81st. You just “and add one”, which is sort of like one. For example = fifty one “fifty one” = fifty one. (Omissions to resolve this, seventy-one and 91.)

What is the meaning of 81 in French

Seventy can literally mean “seventy,” and seventy-one means “seventy as eleven,” seventy-two means “seventy-two,” and so on. Similarly, there is no “quatre-vingts” in all standard French. The French mostly say quatre-vingts, quatre-vingt.** So 81 is just quatre-vingt-un 82 (eighty-one), quatre-vingt-deux (eighty-two), used for help.

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How do you say 21 to 30 in French

19 Twenty et al.
22 Twenty-two.
23 Twenty-three.
24 twenty four.
25 Twenty-five.
26 Twenty-six.
September 27
28 Twenty-eight.

How do I say 23 in French

The number 23 in French.
23 is the twenty-third number.

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