What year of nickels have errors?
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What year of nickels have errors

Counterfeit nickels found by collectors include: 1939 Double Stamp: You can identify one of approximately 1,500 Jefferson nickels minted in Philadelphia in 1939. Meet your death by hitting the silver coin twice.

How do you know if you have a Henning nickel

The different characteristics are that Hennings Nickels coins are transparent and do not have small details. Some have raised the dots in the “M” over “UNUM”. Note that we only have a representation of the five false dates. If he made six one-sided stamps, there might be another possibility.

How much is a 2022 P Jefferson nickel worth

The estimated book value of Jefferson USA 2022-P coins is $0.28 to $0.56 and/or possibly more in new condition (MS+). Click here to learn how to use Coin Charts price successfully. Also click here for more information on coin classification. Melt the value below to determine the metal value of the coin (minimum value of all coins).

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Is there a 2000 p nickel with two obverse dies

It’s really dramatic because both sides are undeniably identical, minted with two or three obverse stamps. » Reverse, USA 2000-P Jefferson Nickel stamped obverse, PCGS MS65. Images All The Right Manners Mint Error News

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What was the error in the 2022-p listing

This listing has been closed by the seller because there may have been a mistake in the listing. 2022-P Dr. Sally’s replacement reader error. HUGE breakout mistake First known “sweat”! and “slobber”! THE CHIP 2022 Washington Neighborhood Error Copyright © 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All rights reserved.

Are error Nickels worth anything

Slides and grades of Jefferson nickels are usually assembled with Jefferson nickels. Not only are these hard nickels for mistakes valuable, but many of them have become quite rare to this day. One of our great things about collecting these hard-to-find Gems and Jefferson Nickels is the likelihood that they will appear in circulation!

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