What is a 1976 gold Krugerrand worth?

1976 South Africa 1 oz Gold Krugerrand BU Rollover to zoom $2,013.99

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What is the most valuable Krugerrand year

“The 1967 Krugerrand is very valuable to collect, considering the year of issue. In 1967, a genuine 1 ounce Kruger bar could be sold for 27 rand! at auction or through a reputable dealer.

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How much is a 1 oz Krugerrand worth today

US dollars for

What is a 1976 gold Krugerrand worth

1976 Krugerrand gold ounce. The Krugerrand is a South African coin first minted in 1967 to segment South African gold and issued after the Rand and the South African Mint refinery. This is the first modern bullion coin. While the Krugerrand’s gold winnings have no face value, they can be considered legal tender in South Africa; however, unlike ingots

How much is a Krugerrand gold coin worth

Now you can easily sell your one ounce South African Krugerrand gold coins to you and me for $1838.65 each!

How much is 1975 Krugerrand worth

If you introduce beautiful coins yourself, you can get a lot of hard earned money, but only if the coin is in good condition. These prices start at R2,500 in cash and go up to about R20,000 for a Krugerrand in good condition. Krugerrands can be easily identified with an engraved impala.

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What was the gold price in 1976

In 1976, without a dollar peg, the price of gold quickly rose to over $120 an ounce. By 1980, traders were offering the full price of gold up to $600 to hedge against a double-digit rise in the cost of living.

What’s the value of a Krugerrand today

The Gold Have Krugerrand recently averaged $1,275. The current purchase price of yellow gold krugerrands per ounce is: $1,877.40*.

What is the value of a South African Krugerrand

In recent years, the most recent gold Krugerrands have fetched $1,275 at modest prices. The current asking price for an ounce of Krugerrand gold is $1,849: 0.80*.

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