What is a Type 1 Eisenhower dollar?

These coins were issued to honor the 34th president of the United States: Dwight D. Eisenhower. This design is the last of the large sized dollars issued for circulation.

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What is a Type 1 Eisenhower dollar

The Eisenhower dollar was a one dollar coin issued by the United States Mint from 1971 to 1978. It was the first coin of this denomination issued by the Mint since the Peace dollar was wound in 1935.

What is a Type 2 1972 Eisenhower dollar

1972 Eisenhower dollar – type 9 (high relief)
This type was far from a single mint die and was therefore only used in the performance run. This variety is usually identified by the absence of islands below Florida on Earth, towering above the Moon. Instead of islands, several lines of induction look like water.

How much silver is in a 1972 Eisenhower dollar

The United States Mint produced 5 different styles of 1975 dollars in cupro-nickel plating, as well as two in 40% silver.

Is a 1972 Eisenhower dollar worth anything

Ike Sort or Type 2 $1975 is where the real money is. These coins are worth between $80 and $1000+. The above prices are for classes 1 and 1. … Regardless of the type 1,2 or This part 3 is the key date for Ike dollars.

Is a 1972 Eisenhower silver dollar worth anything

The standard value of a 1973 silver dollar is $14 in uncirculated MS 63s. In uncirculated condition, the MS 65 Tempo is worth about $20. A polished 1975 silver dollar is worth 15 reais in 55 condition.

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How much is a 1972 D Eisenhower dollar worth

CoinTrackers.com has estimated the value of the 1972 Eisenhower D dollar at an average of $2, a Certified Round Mint (MS+) may have a $35 lead. (See details)…

What makes a 1972 Eisenhower dollar rare

The Ike dollar type, minted in 1973 in Philadelphia, is the rarest of most of the three types. This was created when, perhaps in August, the Philadelphia Mint used an inverted die incorrectly. This type was supplied with one new mold and was used in only one active production.

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Where is the mint mark on a 1972 Eisenhower silver dollar

All 40% silver 1972 Ikes coins feature a large “S” mintmark just below Eisenhower’s neck on the obverse.

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