How much is a 1972 silver dollar with no mint mark worth?
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How much is a Kennedy half dollar with no mint mark worth

A 1964 wrinkled half dollar has a market value of about $12 in uncirculated MS 60 excellent quality. That’s about $13 in MS 63 grade uncirculated. Unissued MS 67 silver can sell for as little as $35. .

What makes a 1972 half dollar rare

The Philadelphia 1972 Ike Type 2 coin reverse is generally the rarest of the three types. This was created when each of our mints mistakenly used a reverse pass at the Philadelphia Peppermint plant in August. This type was made from a single die and was used in only one production produced.

Are there any rare 1972 half dollars

The estimated value of the 1972 Kennedy Half Dollar Book is $2.28 or more in mint (MS+) uncirculated condition.

How much is a 1972 silver dollar with no mint mark worth

These dollars are common and only cost $1-2 for any health condition. Philadelphia coins can be recognized by the absence of a single mint mark.

Where is the mint mark on a 1972 Eisenhower silver dollar

All 40% silver 1974 Ike coins have a nice “S” mint mark on the obverse, just below Eisenhower’s neck.

What is a 1972 with no mint mark silver dollar worth

These euros are common and cost only 1-2 dollars under any conditions. Philadelphia silver and gold coins can be identified by the absence of a mint mark.

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How much is a 1972 no mint mark dime worth has priced a 1974 P Roosevelt Dime coin at a fantastic average of 10 cents, which when it comes to a certified mint (MS+), can often be worth $3.

How much is a 1964 Kennedy half dollar with no mint mark worth

The unminted 64 half dollar is worth about $10 and is uncirculated at 60ms. The value of uncirculated MS 63 class coins is about $12. Uncirculated coins with a secondary value of MS 65 can be sold for around $35.

Where is the mint mark on a half dollar

The mintmark is located below, where a taloned eagle clutches the olive green variant on the reverse of the 1964 coins, as well as the 1964-2014-W gold issue; above date on obverse for other editions. The mint mark was absent from all coins from 1965 to 1968 and from Philadelphia Mint coins well before 1980.

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What makes a 1972 Kennedy half dollar rare

Some semi-green 1972-D coins do not have these initials. The design of the part is probably missing as you can see that the dies have been sanded in our own USMint to eliminate collision points. Although this strain was discovered in the 1980s, it is currently scarce.

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