What is a 1899 one dollar silver certificate worth?
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What is the value of a 1899 one dollar silver certificate

Most $1899 Magic Certificates cost around $100 despite being in very good condition. In very good condition is estimated at $165-175. The condition is very good, the cost is $ 250-315. Uncirculated MS 63 Class A tickets sell for between $525 and $675.

What is the rarest silver certificate

Some of the rarer Silver Certificate issues include the 1928C, 1928D and 1928E versions. Any tickets that fall into these categories can cost up to $5,000 if they are in good condition.

What is a black eagle note

The 1899 $1 Silver Certificate series holds a unique place in the numismatic tradition. It is the only currency ever printed that has two US presidents – Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses and S. – at the top. This banknote, known as the “Black Eagle”, was partly associated with the last series of silver certificates issued in the 19th century.

How do you identify a silver certificate

This is definitely indicated by large numbers and terminology like “ten dollars”. Because platinum certificates are still legal tender, a note is unlikely to be worth less than its face value or face value.

What is a 1899 one dollar silver certificate worth

Most 1899 $1 silver certificates in very good condition are worth around $100. In fairly good condition, it is estimated at about $165-175. In excellent condition, I’d say it’s between $250 and $315. Outstanding loans rated MS 63 can sell for between $525 and $675.

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How much is a 1899 silver dollar worth now

Estimated value of the 1899 Morgan silver dollar US coin booklet is estimated at $180 in fair condition and ranges from $302 to $1038 in new (MS+) condition. Proof Can coins be worth $3,145 or more?

What is a 1899 O Morgan silver dollar worth

CoinTrackers.Has com has estimated the prime value of an 1899 Morgan silver dollar visiting at an average of $33.00, mint super-certified condition (MS+) should be worth $160. (see details)… total production: 12,290,000 [?]

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