What is the highest gold has ever been?
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Which chart is best for gold

SPDR (gld) Gold Stock Vectors
ETF Vaneck Gold Miners (GDX)
Barrick Gold Corporation (OR)
Final result.

What will be the gold price in 2025

5012 USD

What is the highest gold price

Gold traders in India offered their biggest discounts in almost seven months as they looked for domestic prices that hit sharp year-to-date highs due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Traders have noticed that over the past week they have lowered official domestic prices to $5.5 an ounce.

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What is the highest gold has ever been

In August, the price of gold hit an all-time high of $1,917.90. On the AP, the price pointing to gold fell by a record $145 in one day for every 9% loss. Since March 2015, gold has been used in wedding rings. Gold has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is also used in computers, spacecraft, and aircraft engines.

What is the current price of gold

GOLD is currently valued at 3.51% and 6.26% fictitious continuous returns over 20 and 50 days respectively. The Relative Strength Index (RSI, 14) is currently at 59. Over the 17-day period, the level of unpredictability is 2.18% compared to 2.84% on the 30-day chart. Farther

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What is the current price of silver per ounce

change the price of silver now; Price per ounce of silver $23.51 +0.15: price of silver according to

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